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Heritage performs in more than fifty shows every year, for occasions ranging from the St. Patrick's Day Parade to wedding receptions. To find out more about our performances, click one of the links below:

I am interested in booking Heritage Irish Stepdancers to perform at my event. (rtf document)

I am interested in watching a performance.

I am a dancer interested in performing.


Two dancers leapingphoto by A. Hooker

Upcoming Performances Open to the Public

Most of our shows are for private organizations like schools and nursing homes and are not open to the public (so people can’t just drop by to watch us dance). However, here is a list of our performances that are open to the public:


Check back for future public performances!



Student Performance Information

Heritage students may perform with us as soon as they know at least one dance to regular-speed music and have a Heritage costume. Click here for more information about the school costume. Many students participate in shows, but if you would rather not, you don't have to.

Every month, we publish a newsletter with all of our upcoming shows for the next month or two. If one of the shows listed fits into your schedule, you can sign up for it by looking for the purple notebook in the lobby, flipping to the page with that show, and putting your name down. Then we will give you directions and other information about a week before the event. That's it! Before the show that day, we will go over with you which dances you will be doing. You will be performing the same dances and steps you have been practicing in class.

Sometimes shows fill up quickly, so be sure to put your name down right away.