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Tuition is paid at the beginning of every month and covers the whole calendar month. You must pay for the whole month even if you miss some of your lessons during that month. However, you are entitled to make-up lessons for any classes you miss. Click here to learn more about make-up policy.


Cost for classes:

$80 per month for Championship classes

$80 per month for Beginner 2, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 classes

$60 per month for Basics and Beginner 1 classes

$50 per month for Littles and Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me classes

$30 per month for Group Dance classes

After the first (highest level) class, additional classes (including for family members) are $30 for Under 6, Basics, and Beginner 1, or $40 for Beginner 2 and above


Special deal! Pay for a semester in advance (September through December, January through April, or May through August) and receive $10 off per month!


We can accept cash, check, or Mastercard/Visa for tuition payments.

There is a $5 late fee for tuition received after the 15th of the month.

Students who wish to change classes or drop class entirely should contact us before the 15th of the month to avoid being charged as usual.

Students who take a break of any length will need to re-register and pay the $10 registration fee when they resume class.


Five dancersPhoto by L. Nolder